5 Unknown Laundry Hacks That You Should Know

For some people, laundry is considered a tedious task, especially if you are dealing with a mountain of dirty laundry, along with cloth stains and wrinkles. And there will be instances when you get it wrong.

But doing laundry doesn’t have to be stressful. Experts in laundry and upholstery cleaning in Dubai shared some hacks that can make laundry a bit easier:

  1. Use vinegar to soften fabrics

We often encounter stringent fabrics that are pretty hard to wash and clean. If you are dealing with a stern fabric, try to use a vinegar to soften it a bit. White vinegar can act as a natural fabric softener to help you clothes feel a little bit soft to touch. This home remedy is ideal if you prefer a fabric softener that is not too heavily-scented. It can also remove pungent odors in your clothes. The anti-bacterial agent in vinegar is known to remove bacteria-causing odors that is lingering in your laundry.

  1. Use ice to remove wrinkles

If you are not a fan of ironing your clothes, you can at least cut down the work by putting ice in your dryer. Put a good amount of ice in your dryer and run it in the hottest setting. The end result of this hack is having a wrinkle-less shirts that would require less to zero ironing.

  1. Keep colors vibrant with salt

One of the biggest problems of people doing laundry is fading colors. To prevent such incident from happening again, try putting some salt on your washing machine. The chloride agent of salt can help retain the vibrant hue of your colored shirts and prevent them fading fast due to frequent washing.

  1. Dry faster with tennis balls

Pillows, comforters, and heavy linens take time to dry. If you are in a hurry, try putting two-three tennis balls in the dryer. The tennis balls will help absorb some of the water in the fabric while keeping your beddings nice and fluffy.

  1. Keep it black with coffee

Black shirts and clothes are prone to fading due to harsh detergents and cleaning agents. But do not fret. Pouring a cup or two of black coffee can revive the color of your black clothes. Coffee serves as a natural fabric dye that can make your black clothes black.

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