4 Tips for Gleaning Flattering Maternity Shots

Interest in Maternity photography has escalated to unprecedented heights over the last few years, yet the fact remains that a lot of women are not comfortable being in the limelight when they feel like they can’t even recognize their bodies anymore. Here are 4 ways that a maternity photographer in Dubai can ensure dazzling shots of their mommy-to-be clients and portray their beautiful bumps:

Highlight Relationship

New babies arrive into loving and welcoming homes and this is something you should strive to incorporate in your photographs. Center the photographs on the tender and intimate relationships between the glowing mom and proud dad-to-be. Love in its purest form is manifested in the form of bringing a new life into the world. Instead of making your photographs all about highlighting a certain state of the body, make them capture the special memories in the life of a couple just before their child arrives into the world.

Get Creative with the Camera Angle

Shooting down on your subject from up high is a great way to create an illusion of a slimming portrait by appearing to elongate the body. To create the wonderful slimming effect that most mommies-to-be would literally kill for, get creative! Have her lie down on a blanket or a quilt so that you can capture her portraits from above. Shooting from above sure flatters the physique!

Play With Composition

The best thing about maternity photography is that it affords photographers a blast of creativity. This is your time to play with your angles, color, composition, and breaking all rules, especially when working with two adults who want to get involved and take direction. Since it can be difficult to think on the spot and compose an interesting shot even when bombarded with a deluge of vague ideas, you should plan the shoot in your head before the actual session, especially if you would like to experiment with new things.


When it comes to choosing a viable location for the maternity shoot, the options are infinite. With a first pregnancy, you have all your options open. A client’s home, outdoors, urban; you can literally go anywhere without fretting over nap times. Why not head downtown and leverage the sun for striking backlighting? Hold a planning session with the new mom  prior to the shoot and discuss her expectations and what she wants – a lifestyle and classic session at home or a more natural one imbued with a fun feel, vibrant colors, and creativity unbounded? No matter where you plan the shoot, be mindful of the fact that you are photographing a mommy who is not going to feel very comfortable plopping down on gravelly rocks or walking a mile uphill! Click here to learn more great tips about maternity photography.