Why to Use a Keratin Treatment for Your Hair

Fuzzy and too curly hairs can be a morning look of many girls but it is not preferable for many reasons. Every individual is born with different textured and colored hairs which become part of the overall personality, but few will not really like the curly look which is not very easy to maintain especially in the morning rush hours. Best keratin treatment in Dubai for hair gives fuzzy, dull, and damaged looking hairs a new look, with smoother, shinier, and straighter bond. This treatment is considered very popular in salons even for light curved and curled hairs too due to the effortless setting and the latest fashion trends.


Before you try this treatment, you may spend some time to go through the below-mentioned points.

  • Keratin is a kind of protein present in our hair naturally. The quantity of keratin will decide how much the texture of our hair will be fuzzy or straight.
  • Keratin treatment is a process of applying additional keratin via different keratin hair-straightening products to hair that need some relaxation from curls and then apply some heat with the help of iron steel strainers to seal it inside the hairs permanently. This process takes 90-120 minutes according to the length and texture of the hair and the quality and brand of the product. Different products have different prices according to their quality.
  • Keratin treatment saves your time for straightening your hair on regular basis. Many females prefer straight hair look for their offices and fashion hairstyling. The time and efforts they use to straight their hairs can be reduced after utilizing this treatment which ensures nearly six months of no touchup or retreatment needs.
  • You don’t have to worry about climate, whether it is windy or rainy out there. Even if you like to dance in the rain, you can enjoy the experience with your friends without worrying about your after dry hair look. They won’t change their relaxed look.
  • There are some restrictions you have to make sure before applying this treatment. After applying this treatment, you shouldn’t wash your hair for three or four days to maximize effects of the treatment and make sure to use prescribed products by salon manager to wash and condition your hair after the treatment.
  • It is best recommended to use shampoos which are sodium sulfate free to maintain a healthy and natural look without hair breakdown or damage after the keratin hair treatment.
  • You can revisit for touchups after six to 21 months as per your needs. Natural fuzzy hair will continue to grow from the roots. It’s up to you how long you can tolerate that above curly and below straight look.


Not only hairs but other types of treatments like facials, pedicure, manicure, massage and nail art etc. are also very popular among the females. If you are looking for the best acrylic nails in Dubai, visit the link.

Tips on shopping Halloween costumes

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Tips to help you choose the best hair salon

Dubai based hair salons provide its potential customers with adequate piece of information to select one of the best choices for getting hair specific services. Tecom area contains many gents and ladies hair salons offering dedicated and customized services to its customers. Customers can search for a prominent salon by using terms such as “gents salon tecom” using the internet before visiting one physically. The online information about salons will provide their demography as well as the overview of services offered to its potential customers. The gent salons in Tecom or other shopping malls in Dubai offer services such as hair editing, head specific massage, shoulder specific massage, stone based massage and therapy, Swiss, Chinese or Thai massage, full body massage and other haircut offers. The hair salon administration sometimes set packages including various services and market them to the potential customers using internet classified with slogans such as ” Get Your Hair Cut & Body Massage in the Price of One, Try this Affordable package”.


Some of the tips to select a hair salon are explained below:


  1. Booking an Advance Appointment: The potential customers looking for the best hair salon for gents need to first identify their hair or body specific requirements. In case a customer wants to have some sort of mental and physical relaxation after 9 am to 6 pm job, its best to plan for booking an advance appointment on the early weekend night. If the preferred hair salon is busy with all the available slots of weekend night booked already the customer may book an appointment on Sunday afternoon or evening.


  1. Seek Additional Information: It is best to ask the front desk representative of a hair salon about car parking facility, entertainment devices such as iPad and time required for each hair editing package. This information can be sought at the time of booking an appointment. Some of the hair salons offer to deal with the walk-in customers while others only allow the appointment based customer service.


  1. Identify a Gent Salon: In Dubai, most of the salons explicitly illustrate its type as a gent salon or ladies salon. The services offered by both types of the salon are entirely different.


  1. Comparison of different services in case of the first visit: The customer who intends to visit a new hair salon for the first time will need to do some homework about comparing services of different nearby salons and select the most appropriate one for visiting.

Beautiful plus Size Wedding Gowns!

Woman deserves to look beautiful well! Not all women are same everything is different whether you talk about the body shape or you talk about the color or you talk about the personalities even the likes and dislikes different since not all women are same do you think that women should wear the same type of dress when they are going to get married ? Well the answer to your question is “No”.

There are so many amazing clothes available for plus size. No matter if you want to buy a party dress or you search for the jeans for plus size women, everything is easily available. The real hurdle comes when you think of shopping for your wedding day.

You don’t have to follow the tradition!

When it is the wedding time women get really conscious, they try on different diets just to look beautiful on their big day. Well it is not only about looking beautiful but they face a hard time finding the perfect wedding gown. Well plus size women don’t have to copy those women who are of smaller size. You need to take pride in which you are! Now plus size clothes are available for you, you can easily get the perfect plus size wedding gown.

Women when get married wear full length wedding gown, well you don’t have to copy that style if you don’t feel comfortable. Instead of a long wedding gown you can go with a skirt, moreover when it comes to the color there is no hard and fast rule that you have to choose white color if you want to wear some different color you can go with it because it is your wedding

The typical dresses which women wear on their big day is beautiful white gown with lasses and embroidery but you don’t have to go with the style if you don’t want to. You can go with the long skirt with just not quite long

Bottom line

Plus size clothes for women are easily available you can check the online stores, you can check malls you will find a dedicated section for the plus size clothes. No matter you want to buy a dress for a party or you want to buy a wedding gown you can get it all. All in all you can look beautiful regardless of your size, it all depends on how you carry yourself