Getting Around Dubai

One of the biggest concerns of tourists is the transportation of the country that they are visiting. They can sleep in tents or in the street but without transport, traveling is horrible. Maybe in some parts of the world, you can walk, bike or hitchhike. If you are in Dubai then none of this will work because A. it is extremely hot and B. Dubai is gigantic. Sitting in the hotel room or spending all of your time at the beach is not an option. So, you have to figure out ways of getting around the city. Your searches are over, in this article, I will tell you about the means of transportation in Dubai.

Why walking is not an option?

Dubai has sidewalks, doesn’t it? Sidewalks are not enough for a city to be pedestrian-friendly. Dubai doesn’t have so many pavements, traffic lights, and pedestrian crossings. Even getting from one side of the street to another will require a lot of efforts.

Public Transport

The government of Dubai, Roads & Transport Authority to be precise, work day and night to make public transport fast, cheap and effective. They have released the so-called ‘One Day in Dubai’ passes that allow people to ride around the city in public transportation. You can’t get to any part of the city with this pass but the main landmarks and sights are on the route. Buying a ticket for the bus or metro is not so hard in Dubai. The ticket vending machines have English instructions and are easy to use. You can find these machines in any metro or bus station. You can take the bus to the malls and airport as well. If you are traveling with kids under age 5 then be aware that tickets for them in public transportation are free.

Taxis and private cars

Taking a taxi and renting a car are also options that you can consider. Taxis are usually associated with high prices, in New York maybe but not in Dubai. The taxis are affordable, safe, cool and drivers are extremely nice. You could also rent a car if you have an international driver’s license. Keep in mind that the traffic in Dubai can get crazy and if you’re not a good driver then renting a car is not a good idea.


Yes, Dubai is not a walkable city but the government covers that with good transportation. You for options and based on your destinations, you can choose the most convenient one.