Things That You Shouldn’t Do When Planning Your Wedding

Planning your Big Day is definitely exciting. Even just listing down all the wedding requirements that needs to be done makes all brides-to-be beam with delight. However, sometimes this excitement goes overboard that some brides are unaware that they are doing the planning the wrong way.

To prevent you from committing the same mistakes, wedding companies in Dubai compile a list of DON’TS to guide future brides, here are some of the things you should avoid doing.

  • Looking for your own supplier

Some brides or couples tend to go overboard on planning, especially when scouting for suppliers. Some opt to choose their own suppliers for different reasons, but if you have a wedding planner or organizer let him do the work. An excellent wedding organizer in Dubai has their own network of suppliers that they would like to work with. These suppliers probably has a good working relationship with the organizer and the organizer knows the capabilities of these vendors. If you will be insisting on using a specific vendor, planning can be difficult as both parties would still need to build a working relationship to make the planning a success. It is okay to recommend but do not push it.


  • Over inviting guests

This is a common problem that couples encounter when planning a wedding or seating arrangement. On the onset of the planning, your wedding planner would ask you for a definite number of guests they would like to invite to the celebration. But as time progressed, the guest list becomes longer and longer that your wedding planner might not even to accommodate them on the reception. That can be an awkward situation. And if you insist on adding guest, you be go overboard with your budget.


  • Not personally talking to your wedding organizer

Wedding planners know how couples are busy with the upcoming wedding. But despite the busy schedule, they need to make time to talk and communicate with their wedding planners to smooth things out. Some couples tend to ask somebody else to talk with their organizers. This can be disastrous as wrong information might be delivered if you will use another individual to deal with your own wedding.


  • Being not in control

There are some couples that let other people do the decision for them. For instance, having their bridesmaids choose their own dress, hairstyle, accessories, etc. Remember that your wedding day is your special day and not theirs. It is okay to give suggestions, but they should respect your decision as well.


  • Not following your timeline

Some couples think that their wedding is still far from schedule that they tend to put off some activities and do it later. But before you know it, your wedding day will be fast approaching. Follow the calendar set by your wedding planner so you will not cram on accomplishing activities that should have been done months ago.