Why to Use a Keratin Treatment for Your Hair

Fuzzy and too curly hairs can be a morning look of many girls but it is not preferable for many reasons. Every individual is born with different textured and colored hairs which become part of the overall personality, but few will not really like the curly look which is not very easy to maintain especially in the morning rush hours. Best keratin treatment in Dubai for hair gives fuzzy, dull, and damaged looking hairs a new look, with smoother, shinier, and straighter bond. This treatment is considered very popular in salons even for light curved and curled hairs too due to the effortless setting and the latest fashion trends.


Before you try this treatment, you may spend some time to go through the below-mentioned points.

  • Keratin is a kind of protein present in our hair naturally. The quantity of keratin will decide how much the texture of our hair will be fuzzy or straight.
  • Keratin treatment is a process of applying additional keratin via different keratin hair-straightening products to hair that need some relaxation from curls and then apply some heat with the help of iron steel strainers to seal it inside the hairs permanently. This process takes 90-120 minutes according to the length and texture of the hair and the quality and brand of the product. Different products have different prices according to their quality.
  • Keratin treatment saves your time for straightening your hair on regular basis. Many females prefer straight hair look for their offices and fashion hairstyling. The time and efforts they use to straight their hairs can be reduced after utilizing this treatment which ensures nearly six months of no touchup or retreatment needs.
  • You don’t have to worry about climate, whether it is windy or rainy out there. Even if you like to dance in the rain, you can enjoy the experience with your friends without worrying about your after dry hair look. They won’t change their relaxed look.
  • There are some restrictions you have to make sure before applying this treatment. After applying this treatment, you shouldn’t wash your hair for three or four days to maximize effects of the treatment and make sure to use prescribed products by salon manager to wash and condition your hair after the treatment.
  • It is best recommended to use shampoos which are sodium sulfate free to maintain a healthy and natural look without hair breakdown or damage after the keratin hair treatment.
  • You can revisit for touchups after six to 21 months as per your needs. Natural fuzzy hair will continue to grow from the roots. It’s up to you how long you can tolerate that above curly and below straight look.


Not only hairs but other types of treatments like facials, pedicure, manicure, massage and nail art etc. are also very popular among the females. If you are looking for the best acrylic nails in Dubai, visit the link.