Link Between Weight Loss And Meal Replacement Shakes

Imagine a life where you could eat anything without putting up extra weight. A great thought indeed, but that’s what it is – just a thought. The reality is a bit different, when you eat a lot; your body develops a tendency of storing energy. This leads to unnecessary weight gain due to extra fat deposits. The problem becomes worse when your body doesn’t burn enough calories that it should. As a result, it keeps storing more calories that it burns, which leads to weight gain. To resolve this problem, you should start consuming some meal replacement shakes Dubai to get enough calories to keep you moving for the day. However, these shakes don’t work well if you don’t keep a tight control on your diet. The idea is to reduce your calorie consumption and only then these shakes will help you reduce your carbs. Here is more on how meal replacement shakes can make you fit:

Ideal Calorie Count in Meal Replacement Shakes

In case you are wondering how much calories you might need for the day, your dietician is the best person to answer that. However, if you consume around 500 calories or less a day, you can try consuming at least two high energy drinks comprising of proteins, omega 3, and carbohydrates. You can bring the calorie count in your shake by mixing in some veggies and fruits. The idea is to replace your regular meals with energy shakes so that you don’t end up losing more energy than what you consume. At the end of the day, your energy shake should give your body enough calories so that you don’t feel tired and exhausted.

Types Of Meal Replacement Shakes

Depending upon the amount of calorie you consume each day, you can consume several types of meal replacement shakes each day. For instance, a chocolate shake will give your around 190 calories, while read to drink slim fast shakes will provide your body around 250 calories.

Remember, most meal replacement shakes will not give your body as much calories as your regular meal. However, that’s the point of consuming meal replacement shakes. They’ll give your body just enough calories to help it perform its functions and stay energetic, without adding carbs.

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