6 Quick Hacks on Security Camera Installation

Having a high quality CCTV and security system is an added protection for you space, may it be your home or your business. But it is not enough that you purchase a top notch camera and system, installing them properly is the key for you to get maximum coverage of the space.

If you are on the process of installing your CCTV camera, you might need to check these things first.

  1. Test the unit before purchasing

This is the cardinal rule of every smart buyer. Before purchasing the unit, be sure to have it test. CCTV system Dubai stores always have their clients test the units on the customer’s presence to ensure that the units are working properly. Be vigilant on checking everything – from the cameras to the littlest specs and parts. If possible, have the customer representative walk you through how the equipment works and how to operate it. So when the time comes that you will be handling the system, you know how to operate them yourself.


  1. Ask for assistance on installation

Operating the equipment is one thing, but installing them is another. In fact, the installation of the CCTV system is the most important but also the most complicated one. If you got it wrong, you might have to start the installation from the scratch. And you might damage some of the parts which might lead for the system not to work. It would be best to ask the CCTV installation in Dubai store to show how the installation would go. If the property is big and you have several cameras to install, the ideal set up would be to have someone from the company to come over to the house and help with the installation.


  1. Pair cameras with the location

Each CCTV camera has different function and features. Standard still security cameras can be used for locations that does not require wide coverage but more on on-spot coverage. Rotating security cameras are usually used for exteriors. To able to pair the right camera to these locations, you may need to determine the purpose or use of the CCTV camera for the place. For example, you need to monitor your employees in the space. You may need to have a rotating security camera to see all the employees within the space.


  1. Be aware of the proper cabling

Proper cabling is the key for a well-working CCTV system. Be sure that the cables are properly installed. Avoid sharp edges and bend to prevent the cables from damaging. Do not stretched the cables as well.